User Registration

Step by step documentation to set up a user registration form for your website.

When you install the User Registration plugin’s free version, you will see a dashboard that looks like the following.

There are various information and actions on this dashboard. You can check out the features that the User Registration plugin provides. You can check the materials that will help you set up the plugin on your site for registration purposes.

In the main Dashboard landing page, you can see a promotional video for the User Registration plugin. From this page, you can also create or view registration forms. You can join our social communities, check our documentation, create a support ticket, and request a feature.

You will see three options on the top bar on the right side.

  • The first one shows information about the current version of the plugin you are using.
  • The second option is to Upgrade to Pro. Click here to upgrade to the premium version of the plugin.
  • The last option is the Latest Updates. Click on this option to find the changelog of the User Registration plugin.

The tabs on the Dashboard are as described below.

All Features #

This option shows you all the features available in the free and pro versions of the User Registration plugin. It comprises the list of add-ons with their name, short descriptions, and the plan they are available in. You can also check the documentation for each add-on/feature and test our live demo.

Looking to test the User Registration features, all for free?

You can Activate/Deactivate the add-ons from here if you are using the User Registration Pro.

Settings #

Click on this option to go to the User Registration’s global settings.

Help #

This section contains information that helps you set the plugin on your site. You can find all the shortcodes and their purposes. Also, you can check the smart tags available for the plugin which you can use on the email content, etc. Moreover, you can contact our support team and also check all the documentation for the plugin from this section.

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Free VS Pro #

To find out the differences between the free and the pro versions of the User Registration plugin, you can visit this tab. Here, you will see which features are available in the free version and which are not(only in the pro version).

Other Products #

Along with the User Registration plugin, we do have other problem-solving products as well. You will find the information on these products from here.

You can install and activate these products by just clicking a button. Moreover, you can find more information on these products by clicking on the Learn More and also test them for free from the Live Demo button.

Enjoy using the User Registration plugin!!

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