User Registration

Step by step documentation to set up a user registration form for your website.

You can use the following smart tags while modifying the email subject and contents:

{{user_login}} – Username of the registered user.

{{user_pass}} – Password of the registered user.

{{first_name}} – First Name of the registered user.

{{last_name}} – Last name of the registered user.

{{description}} – Bio of the registered user

{{nickname}} – Nickname of the registered user

{{user_url}} – Website/URL of the registered user

{{display_name}} – Display the name of the registered user

{{email}} – Email of the registered user.

{{blog_info}} – Name of the website.

{{home_url}} – URL to the website.

{{email_token}} – Token generated for an email confirmation.

{{all_fields}} – All form fields filled by the user.

{{user_roles}} – Gives the user’s role.

{{unique_id}} – Generates a unique string that can be used as an ID.

For advanced fields, you can also use a smart tag using field name. e.g. To email country content use smart tag: {{country_1528783674}}

How to add smart tags to email content? #

Navigate to User Registration > Settings > Emails. Select one of the contents/notifications, you will find the button that says ‘Add Smart Tags‘. Click this button to add the required smart tag.

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