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How to configure advanced date field options?

You can find the advanced option on Field Options once you click on the Date field. It consists of,

  • Formats
  • Date Range
  • Native Date Field (Localization)

Formats #

Frontend View:

Also, there is the option to Enable Min-Max Date. This option allows you to choose a date range of minimum and maximum.

Frontend View

Next, there is a Set Current Date as the Default Date which shows the current date when the user is registering on the form.

Frontend View

Date Range #

Lastly, the Enable Date Range option allows the users to select the rate of dates showing a calendar in the form itself.

Frontend View

Native Date Field (Localization) #

You can choose to create a date field as per your country using the Date Localization feature on the Feild Options.

For example, we will select ‘Arabic’ on the Date Localization option and the frontend view will look like this.

Slot Booking #

You can enable the slot booking option in the date field from the advanced settings. This option will disable the dates that have previously been selected by the users.

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