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Step by step documentation to set up a user registration form for your website.

How to hide the WordPress default login page and use User Registration login page?

You can easily choose to display the User Registration login page instead of the default WordPress login page.

For this, go to User Registration->Settings. Now, click on the Login Options in the  General Settings

Then, you can see the Disable Default WordPress Login Screen option if you scroll down a bit.

Check this option to hide the default login page and use the User Registration login page.

Disable Default WordPress Login Screen Check this option to prevent the default WordPress login and show the User Registration login form.

Redirect Default WordPress Login To: Select the User Registration My Account page and the users will be redirected to this form when they try to access the WordPress default login page.

Note: You will need to select the My Account page from the User Registration > Settings > General > General Options > My Account Section. This page must have the My Account shortcode i.e [user_registration_my_account]

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