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Step by step documentation to set up a user registration form for your website.

How to Export Users in CSV?

Free for everyone #

Export Users is the tab where you can export all the users’ additional information registered during the registration. The tab can be accessed from Dashboard → User Registration → Settings→ Import/Export.

For users with User Registration Pro #

If you have installed and activated the User Registration Pro plugin on your site, you can filter the export with the help of available filters.

  • Select Forms: From the dropdown, you can select the form to export the users registered via that form.
  • Select Fields to Export: Select only the required fields from the list of available fields for exporting.
  • Select Additional to Export: You can also select additional data like user roles, user ID, user status, etc when you export the user data.
  • Export Formats: You can either export the users on a CSV file or on a JSON file.
  • Registered Date Range: You can select the date range for exporting the users.

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