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How to Create Temporary Login for WordPress Dashboard Without Password?

Sometimes the issue can’t be fixed by following up the general troubleshooting procedure. At that time, the developer team needs to debug the issue deeply.

To debug the issue, the developer team needs access to the site. Temporary Login Without Password plugin help to generate temporary access without any hassle, and it is a more secure way of giving access to an external party, where you can limit the access time.

To create the temporary link, please do follow up the following procedures:

  • Download and install this plugin Temporary Login Without Password on your site.
  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard > User > Temporary Logins
  • Fill the form with required details. And yeah, you can use the email [email protected] to generate the link.
  • Once you hit submit the plugin will provide you with a link, Simply copy the link and provide it to the user you want to access your site.

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