User Registration

Step by step documentation to set up a user registration form for your website.

Why is my Profile Details Page empty?

If you check your profile details page and find it empty then you are most probably viewing the profile details page as an admin.

The profile details page is only shown to those users who are registered to your site using our plugin’s registration page. If you are an admin then you didn’t register to the site using our registration plugin hence the plugin will not show the profile details page. The profile details page is mapped with the registration page and shows the same fields that the registration page has.

How to test the profile details page? #

Now, if you want to see how the profile details page look. Simply register a dummy user using our plugin’s registration form. Once you register then login to the site as a dummy user and check the profile details page. You should be able to see the profile details fields.

What if I have a bunch of old users registered prior to the installation of the User Registration plugin? #

If you have a bunch of old users who registered to your site via other registration forms or registered prior to installation of the registration plugin then you can use our premium addon to Profile Connect to map those users to any of our registration forms.

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