Individual Form Settings

With form settings, you can apply the setting to individual form.

Location: Form Editor > Form Setting
  • User Login Option: This option allows you to choose the login option for the user after the registration. This setting is for the individual registration form.
  • Default User Role: This option allows to defines the role of the user.
  • Enable Strong Password: This option allows you to enable a strong password.
  • Minimum Password Strength: This option allows you the minimum password strength required to submit a form.
  • Redirect URL: This option allows you to enter a redirect path after successful user registration.
  • Form Submit Button Label: This option allows you to set the label for the form submit button.
  • Success Message Position: This option allows you to set the position of the success message i.e. either top or the bottom of the form.
  • Enable reCaptcha Support: This option allows you to enable reCaptcha in the registration form.
  • Form Template: This option allows you to change the appearance of the registration form.
  • Custom CSS Class: This option enables you to customize the CSS class.
  • Enable Assign User Role Conditionally: This option allows you to assign the user roles for your site according to the conditional rules you set up. To learn how it works, you can check our documentation.

User Login Option: #

Location: Form Editor > Form Setting > General

Auto approval and manual login: When this option is selected, the user can register on the site and then has to manually log in using the User Registration My Account page or WordPress Core Login.
Auto approval and auto-login: When this option is selected, the user is automatically logged in to the site once they register.
Admin Approval: Selecting this option will make the registration pending unless the site admin verifies and approves it. You can also select to send the user approval link on the admin email.
Auto approval after email confirmation: Selecting this option sends a confirmation email to the user and the user has to verify the registration by clicking on the link sent in the email.
Admin Approval after Email Confirmation: When this option is selected, the user will have to verify the registration from the email sent to them and then the site admin will again verify and approve the registration.

Note: The 'Admin Approval after Email Confirmation' option is only available with User Registration Pro

Send User Approval Link in Email #

When you select ‘Admin approval’ as the user login option, you will be presented with an option to send a user approval link in the admin email. This sends a link from which the admin can directly approve the new user without the need to go to the user’s table from the dashboard.

The admin will receive the following email when this option is clicked.

Click on ‘Approve Now‘ to approve the newly registered user.

Note: If you, as an admin, change the content of the admin email, you will have to add {{approval_link}} on the admin email content to send the approval URL on the email.

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