User Registration

Step by step documentation to set up a user registration form for your website.

How to add User Registration Blocks to show login/registration forms?

Now, you can add a registration form in a page as easy as shelling peas. For this, please go to the respective page editor screen from Dashboard > Pages. Then select the respective page or create a new page. On the top left side, you will find a ‘+’ button to add available blocks. Scroll down to ‘User Registration’ and click on it to add the block in the required section of the page.

Now, once the block is added, you will see the options to add a registration or a login form to your page. Below is the visual representation of what is shown in the block.

For Registration Form.

The above image shows the available registration forms that can be inserted. Please select the desired once.

Now, for the login form, please select the ‘Login Form’ option in the block and you will get the login form shortcodes available for addition.

For Login Form

From here, you can choose the desired shortcode.

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